Finer womanhood

During the last week in February and the entire month of March, we observe and celebrate Finer Womanhood. This time period is designated for reflections on the reasons we joined this great Sorority and how we can be of better service to our communities and around the world. Finer Womanhood represents character, integrity, and perserverance. 

Faithful to duty;
Ideal of womanhood;
Noble in character;
Engaging in manner; and
Responsible to trust.
— "Finer Woman," Soror Evelyn Foster, 1925


Finer Womanhood Celebration 2018

Every year, Alpha Zeta Chapter honors women and men that have impacted our local community in their daily walk.

2018 Finer Womanhood Celebration Awardees

Woman of the Year in Education
 Shontel Douglas

Woman of the Year in Government
Elouise Mayne

Project Zeta Male
Akil Hamm

Amica of the Year
Beatrice Young

Zeta of the Year
Courtney Spain